Group Logo

SHH Group LogoThe logo of SHH Group is derived from Taiji which is an important concept and wisdom in the history of Chinese thought. The Book of Changes: The whole universe is one starting point which leads to two forms (Yin and Yang). Yin and Yang lead to ‘Si Xiang’ which lead to ‘Ba Gua’. Taiji was the original order of the universe and began after the period when there was no Yin and Yang. Taiji forms the origin of the universe. Essentially, this is an overview of the creation of the world when heaven was separated from earth. Taiji leads to two forms, which is the process from Taiji to two forms, that is heaven and earth.

Taiji also brings out the concept of Yin and Yang. There are some sayings: Yin and Yang can develop only when they are together, and Yin will develop into Yang when Yin becomes extreme. Yin and Yang are against each other but also rely on each other. There is a mutual interdependence and mutual transformation between Yin and Yang. As such, many different possibilities can be developed.

The two forms in the logo – the English letter “H”, is the pronunciation of ‘Heng’ and ‘Huat’ in Malaysia’s Fujian dialects. ‘Heng’ represents prosperity and growth, which means the business is flourishing and prosperous; while ‘Huat’ represents development, and making a fortune which means the business will profit and grow.

The logo uses a single color – golden yellow. It’s a metaphor that SHH Group encourages their team must always hold a Golden Heart when they interact with other people and businesses. They must be kind, generous and noble.

All in all, SHH Group’s logo indicates the main idea behind the company culture across the Group. SHH Group hopes they can benefit from doing business with their business partners. Both the Group and their partners can support each other and develop together. SHH Group strives for a win-win result with the cooperation between them, just like the balance between Yin and Yang.