Group Culture

‘Treat people with sincerity and be true to yourself’

is the core concept of SHH Group. It was inherited from the founder of the Group, Dato’ Teo Wee Cheng’s attitude toward treating people and things – upholding the principle of ‘Treat people with sincerity and be true to yourself’ for personal life, treatment of employees and business, and Datin Teo Chan Guat’s serious attitude – Strict, Responsible and Hard-working.

SHH Group inherits Dato’ and Datin’s principles and also praises the Doctrine of the Mean about the coexistence of Yin and Yang. This kind of moral excellence will be implemented within the Group’s internal management and business for the international market. Since we believe that win-win results can only be created when you treat people with sincerity and work with a rigorous and conscientious attitude.